Post Mix System, 2guns, 5 Flavour, Med Volume Sites (DTS01762)

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This post mix system is for medium volume sites.

  • New soda circuit cooler can be sited in cellar up to 20 metres from dispense point
  • New carbonator
  • 2 new wunderbar guns, with 5 flavours, plus carb water and still water
  • 5 new flojet syrup pumps
  • New CO2 regs
  • 20 metres of python plus all tubes and fittings
  • Installation instructions
  • 12 months warranty


Get your money back on this system, by selling only 9 bags of syrup, at £1.50 per 8oz drink, (based on bookers current price for a 7 litre bag in box). For more information call us on 01923 236 238