Glycol Maxi 310 2 Product Shelf Cooler With Recirc
Glycol Maxi 310 2 Product Shelf Cooler With Recirc

Glycol Maxi 310 2 Product Shelf Cooler With Recirc

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    If coolers are out of stock are expected within a two week lead time once ordered.  

    This Maxi 310 2 product glycol cooler used for  lager and ciders (not used with ales and stouts because of chill haze). Equipped with 2 x long 6-metre integral cooling coils,  and a recirculating pump for trace cooling to tap. Fitted with a  variable thermostat to control the level of cooling for serving your sub zero beverage.

    Please Note: For mobile bars, Home bars, garden bars and Man cave/She hut bars etc - each cooling coil will reduce the incoming beverage temperature by up to 15 degrees Celsius. In order to reach desired serving temp calculate the keg temperature vs cooling coil length.

    • e.g. A keg stored in a cellar at 12 degrees centigrade using one cooling coil will serve up to -3 degrees.
    • e.g If the kegs are not stored in a chilled cellar a keg stored at 22 degrees using one cooling coil will serve at 8 degrees centigrade so you will then need to double up using two cooling coils to end up to as much as - 7 degrees Celsius. However the serving temp will never be lower than the  dialled in temperature at the  variable  thermostat provided, so if  it's  too low over the two cooling coils back the  thermostat  off until you reach the desired serving temp.

    Please use this chart as a guid to help calculate and prevent beverage freezing point, note the ABV (alcohol by volume) percentage of the product serving and adjust thermostat dial accordingly  (must set temperature higher than):

    ABV    Freezing temperature  
    3% -1.88`C
    4% -2.50`C
    5% -3.13`C
    6% -3.75`C
    7% -4.38`C
    8% -5.00`C

    If you're unsure please contact us with the product you're planing to dispense with its ideal serving temperature and we will be happy to assist in selecting the correct cooler or setup.

    We're now proud to offer a new variant option for our Maxi shelf cooler range these are labeled as re-built in the drop down menu.  

    • The re-built version provides an equal longevity compared to a brand-new cooler, fitted with all new mechanical parts and a lovely new cabinet whilst maintaining the legendary Maxi range performance. Allowing for greater savings when compared with buying brand new.
    • Our standard  refurbished  variant allows for the legendary maxi range performance at an affordable price.

    Please see the comparison chart below:



    Order code: CO-MAXI312-GL


    Order code:CO-MAXI312-RB-GL

    Refrigerant compressor: Serviced   New
    Fan motor: Serviced or new where necessary   New
    Thermostat: Serviced or new where necessary (Glycol versions new) New
    Cabinetry:   Panels may come with dents/scratches that have been tidy up and painted where necessary New
    Product coils: Serviced or new where necessary   Serviced or new where necessary  
    Water bath and refrigerant lines: Serviced or reconditioned Reconditioned
    Agitator pump: Serviced or new where necessary   Reconditioned or New
    Warranty: 1 year back to base 1 year back to base

    Technical Specifications:

    Recirculation type No-6 pump with 3/8" outlets. Pump lift:  5-Metres
    3/8" Product cooling coils: 2 x Long 6-Metres 316 grade stainless steel. (Each coil will reduce incoming temperature up to 15 degrees Celsius)
    Dimensions: Weight 590 x Depth 455 x Height 280mm (Please allow a minimum of 50mm extra space around the cooler for ventilation)
    Electrical spec:  220-240Vac, Run-2.5Amps Startup-10Amps, 575Watts.
    Dry/Gross weight: 27/40Kg
    Compressor: 7.5cc R134a
    Glycol-bath volume  13-Litres  
    Thermostat: Variable glycol only -10 ~ ambient