Fermentation Control  Cooler 21cc Air cooled for Micro Brewery Single Pump (CO-V21ACF1)

Fermentation Control Cooler 21cc Air cooled for Micro Brewery Single Pump (CO-V21ACF1)

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Fermentation control cooler 21cc with recirculation  pump

This cooler has been especially configured here at Dispense Technology Services. Equipped with a powerful integral 21cc compressor, typically comfortable at cooling up to 1472.93 litres 9 UK bbl.

The cooler has a large removable front  panel allowing easy access for maintaining internal components.

This re-built version provides an equal longevity compared to a brand-new cooler, fitted with all new mechanical parts and a lovely new cabinet whilst maintaining the legendary Vision range performance. Allowing for greater savings when compared with buying brand new.


  • Cool   up to 1472.93 litres 9 UK bbl
  • Digital thermostat  
  • Multi-functional setup for water bath, ice bank or glycol
  • Powerful 21cc compressor  
  • Powerful Totton 3 stage top mounted cold water recirculation pump
  • Large 65 Litre bath  
  • Factory re-built with new cabinetry and mechanical parts

Note: This air cooled version extracts heat from the bottom of the unit. When planning for the positioning of this cooler, it is essential to allow a minimum of a 100mm gap, around all sides of the cooler for breathing space.

    Useful set up information  

    Supplying one fermentation vessel? For best setup requires our  fermentation temperature controller module  (supplied separately). This will control the recirculation pump as and when required. Ensuring the cooler reservoir is kept ice cold, ready and waiting for when it is next called upon, by the fermentation temperature management module.

    Supplying multiple fermentation vessels? For best setup requires a  Solenoid temperature control module  (sold separately),  for each fermentation vessel you are planning to supply. The 3 stage pump will supply a flow and return feed to all the solenoid control modules independently operating each vessel.

    For more info please contact: 01923 236 238

    Factory rebuild breakdown



    Order code:  CO-V21ACF1

    Refrigerant compressor: New
    Fan motor: New
    Thermostat: New
    Cabinetry:   New
    Product coils: Serviced or new where necessary  
    Water bath and refrigerant lines: Reconditioned
    3 Stage top pump: Reconditioned or new
    Warranty: 1 year back to base

    Technical Specifications:

    Recirculation type SPC-56 pump with 15mm outlets. Pump lift:  18-Metres
    Dimensions: Height 900 x width 540 x depth 610mm (Please allow a minimum of 50mm extra space around the cooler for ventilation)
    Electrical spec: 220-240Vac, 1,150W Run-5Amps Startup-10Amps,  
    Dry/Gross weight: 65/145Kg
    Compressor: 21cc/1hp, R134a
    Bath volume 65-Litres  
    Thermostat: Digital electronic, programable to -7°C
    Instruction manual   Please click here