Keg Beer/Cider Dispense Kit (DTS0040)
Keg Beer/Cider Dispense Kit (DTS0040)
Keg Beer/Cider Dispense Kit (DTS0040)
Keg Beer/Cider Dispense Kit (DTS0040)
Keg Beer/Cider Dispense Kit (DTS0040)

Keg Beer/Cider Dispense Kit (DTS0040)

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This quality beer/cider dispense kit has all you need to dispense one beer or cider from a keg. All you need to supply is the beer/cider and gas.

Perfect starter pack beer/cider dispense kit for home bar use, just clamp the bar tap on a bar top, table etc with the equipment underneath. Easily upgraded to a fancy bar font for future preference.

Designed for light use, ie 10 pints per hour from an ambient keg temperature (pre-chilled kegs at 12 degrees centigrade can greatly increase dispense volumes).

This beer/cider dispense kit is designed for the equipment cooler, gas and keg etc, to be located directly below the bar tap, within the 2 metres of recirc python supplied.

Easy to set up provided with all tube and fittings required. If you're not confident with building this kit, and would prefer the kit to be pre built at our workshop. With just a few connections and fixtures to be made once un boxed. This can be arranged on request.

At the drop down menu selection, we provide the option to add a 5 litre cleaning bottle that will fit the keg coupler, provided with the kit. Please note: we do not supply beer line cleaner.

Whats included in the beer/cider dispense kit:

  • 1 x Universal bar mounted tap ,clamp straight onto a bar top, table top etc
  • Adjustable clamp height on the universal bar mount
  • Factory Reconditioned Maxi 110 shelf cooler
  • Single stage Gas Board, with gas bottle chain and safety warning label (must be securely fixed to a wall to allow good anchorage for the gas cylinder)
  • 1 x Keg coupler (let us know what beer/cider you're drinking and will provide the appropriate couplers)
  • All John guest fittings tube etc, needed for direct placement underneath bar font
  • 2 metres of recirc python to keep the beer cold right up to the tap
  • All items are new except the cooler which is factory reconditioned
  • 12 months warranty
  • Free Shipping

We will need to know the following information when an order is placed;

The product you're dispensing for the appropriate keg coupler and gas type, or preferred gas type.