Ale Maxi 210 2 product Shelf Cooler With Recirc

Ale Maxi 210 2 product Shelf Cooler With Recirc

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This factory re-built (reconditioned) Maxi 210 2 product cask ale cooler- provides an almost equal longevity compared with new, fitted with all new mechanical parts and a lovely new cabinet whilst maintaining the legendary Maxi performance. Allowing for greater savings when compared with buying brand new.

The Maxi 210 2 product cask ale cooler is designed for cask cooling jackets and cooling probes, equipped with a  variable  thermostat for adjusting the recirc temperature from +1 ~  ambient temperature normally set between 8-10 degrees centigrade, capable of cooling up to 6x 9 gallon casks. Alternatively can be fitted under the bar to cool up to eight beer engines.  

The Maxi cooler is also fitted with an integral 2x 6-metre long 3/8 stainless steel cooling coil for directly cooling a product under the bar.


This factory re-built cooler is re-conditioned as follows:



Order code:CO-MAXI212-RB-AL

Refrigerant compressor: New
Fan motor: New
Thermostat: New
Cabinetry:   New
Product coils: Serviced or new where necessary  
Water bath and refrigerant lines: Reconditioned
Agitator pump: Reconditioned or New
Warranty: 1 year back to base

Technical Specifications:

Recirculation type No-6 pump with 3/8" outlets. Pump lift:  5-Metres
Recirculation cooling volume over 24hrs   3x 11 gallon  or 6x 9 gallon
3/8" Product cooling coils: 2 x Long 6-Metres 316 grade stainless steel (cooling coil will reduce incoming temperature up to 10 degrees Celsius)
Dimensions: Width 495 x Depth 450 x Height 280mm (Please allow a minimum of 50mm extra space around the cooler for ventilation)
Dry/Gross weight: 25.5/36Kg
Compressor: 7.5cc R134a
Electrical spec:  220-240Vac, Run-2.5 Amps Startup-10Amps, 575Watts.
Water/ice-bath volume  10.5-Litres
Thermostat: Variable +1 ~ ambient