Brewery Glycol Recirc Cooler Kit M110
Brewery Glycol Recirc Cooler Kit M110

Brewery Glycol Recirc Cooler Kit M110

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Brewery Glycol Cooler Kit M110

This kit has everything you need for a glycol recirculation system, capable of supplying a fermentation vessel of up to 100 litres in volume.
Consisting of a factory reconditioned Maxi 110 cooler that has been modified at our workshop.
Fitted with a variable thermostat allowing the glycol reservoir to be cooled as low as -10 degrees Celsius.
The integral recirculation pump has been modified on this cooler to run using power, supplied from our FTC module supplied with the kit. This intern will keep a fermenter at the desired temperature dialled in to the device.

Whats included with the kit:

  • Factory reconditioned modified Maxi 110 
  • FTC temperature module Dts0196
  • Tube, fittings and insulation to connect to 3/8 o.d stem ports within 2 metres of the fermenter. (if your connections are not 3/8 o.d stems, please tell us and we can supply you with what is required).

Maxi 110 technical specification:

  • Maxi 110 has been converted to glycol
  • Add a 70/30 mix of water and Propylene glycol
  • Capable of cooling up to 100 litres
  • Recirculation pump max pump height 2 metres
  • Recirc temperature as low as -10
  • Compact size:  W 360 x D 440 mm x H 260mm 
  • Supply voltage: 220/240V 50Hz 230W, start load 10.0A, 1 run Amps 
  • Weight 17kg empty (service) 22kg
  • 5cc compressor
  • 12 months warranty

FTC Module technical specification:

  • Supply voltage: 220/240V 50Hz
  • Accuracy: plus or minus 1C
  • Temperature range -50 +99 deg C
  • 2 metre probe length
  • 2 metre length power and pump supply cables
  • Supplied with 3/8 John Guest fittings and 2 metres of 3/8 tube and insulation

For technical info call us 01923 236 238